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We make brands stand out.
You notice good brands. Just like good stories. That’s why we’re telling you about daHeim
visual stories from which, unmistakeable, pithy brands emerge. As a brand design agency we support companies of every size and in every sector. We create names, design logos, corporate designs, redesigns, distinctive identities and full-blown advertising campaigns. Curious? Then get to know us…

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The finest typography is presented here

The imaginative name already gives the game away. This caterer thinks outside the box, and of course, has chosen daHeim as its design partner.

Our work for the speisgirls shows very well, just how deeply we immerse ourselves in our brands to bring out the essence – graphically, formally and haptically. We convey the caterers’ nature- loving character with a cheerful illustrative style, and make the business cards of recycled paper. The logo is available in various colours. And when we couldn’t find a suitable typeface we simply created a new one, called DH Schmalfritz.

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Die Mutter aller Banner
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DAV Sektion Allgäu-Kempten

The way up for an adventure brand

When the mountain beckons, the DAV, the adventure brand for mountain enthusiasts, is usually behind it. And because the Allgäu-Kempten branch is aiming high in marketing, it’s achieving the rise with the support of daHeim.

The first step is to give the club’s website a redesign and a strong symbol icon set, for quick navigation. We’re launching the new climbing centre swoboda alpin with diverse print media from the sponsorship brochure to a map wall. For this purpose we’re producing “the mother of all banners”, a 52m long mountain panorama, as an alpine highlight. We’ve also got the opportunity to assist with the appearance of the new bike garden.

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Good design makes dog owners happy

Canissoires provides high quality dog articles and promises man and beast inspiration and joy. And daHeim is lucky enough to make this brand promise perceptible.

We deserve a pat on the back for this. The look we’ve created for Canissoires is suitably extravagant. Never mind pictures of bones and the charm of feeding bowls. This is about high quality dog articles and hand-picked premium accessories. Just the slogan: inspired owners, happy dogs, says it all. Our logo design, business cards, carrier bags and business equipment are of the corresponding top quality.

Teaser Kirchenvorstandwahl Bayern 2018 // Virale Kampagne
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Kirchenvorstandwahl Bayern 2018 // Virale Kampagne
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Kirchenvorstandwahl Bayern 2018 // Virale Kampagne
Kirchenwahl Bayern 2018

Church Elections

The voting virus is going round!

Imagine there’s a democracy and nobody participates – the evangelical church in Allgäu is facing a similar problem. Fewer and fewer people take part in the recurring, quinquennial church council elections in Bavaria. And yet, the election gives people the unique opportunity to have their say in parish matters. But the “Allgäuer” won’t take this lying down, and without further ado, have given us the task of livening things up. Particularly as far as young voters are concerned.

Being happy to oblige we sent the one and only church whale onto the streets of Kempten, and in particular on to social media sites, to spread the good news. A viral campaign which spread quickly both online and offline, and reached well over a million people!

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Allgäuer Hoimarkt

Guaranteed genuine Allgäu – design for a trade brand

The trade brand Hoimarkt stands for culinary delights of the region – here you’ll find whatever you need to feed body and soul. Brands and corporate design are suitably charged with a sense of home, craftsmanship and quality.

Our job was to creatively transform miscellaneous goods from several producers into a homogenous assortment for the Allgäuer Hoimarkt. No sooner said than done. Inspired by the mountains, lakes, meadows and the typical, brown Allgäu cattle, we’ve created an overall design concept which every product packaging complies with – from fruit spread to honey.

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Face-off and new design for the top dog

Germany’s largest distributor of ice-hockey equipment is sending its label to training camp to be overhauled by daHeim, for new products, markets and target groups.

We’ll give our all for Schanner: from relaunching the label right up to the online shop - full service for the top dog from the ice-hockey stronghold Füssen. Schanner is the market leader in Germany, Austria and Slovenia and supplies the whole of Europe with ice-hockey equipment. In the meantime management has gathered us round the table as strategic advisors in launching new projects such as SCHANNER FUN.

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daHeim as a source of inspiration and sparring partner for one of the largest agencies in eastern Germany

daHeim has been assisting queo, one of the largest agencies for brand management and communication in eastern Germany, for several years, as a source of inspiration and sparring partner of the graphics department. To this end, we provide the conceptual strength and intermedia design expertise from key visual to the development of the logo, from direct mail to image brochures.

Assisted by our creative input queo is able to give comprehensive advice and lead its clients to more success with their brands and in their campaigns. That’s how creative cooperation works between Dresden and Kempten.

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Sabine Telega

A counselling brand grows and thrives

When Sabine Telega wanted to move forward with her nutritional counselling studio, Dr Ambrosius, she placed the design and development of her brand messaging and the key visual in the hands of daHeim, and has been benefitting from our new ideas ever since.

Sabine Telega teaches her clients healthy nutrition. We turn the qualified ecotrophologist’s coaching concept into communication. To be able to do this, we keep Ms Telega and her team occupied with an abundance of fruit and vegetables during the shooting of a campaign. In this way a key visual is created that conveys the brand message: become your own nutrition coach, across all channels, simply and concisely.



The basis of all our work. daHeim will develop a clearly defined positioning of your brand with you. From the core message to the target group.

Brand essence

The justification of your brand to be on the market, in a few words. daHeim squeezes and purifies until your brand is simple and easy to understand. If you can’t say it simply, you haven’t understood it.

Brand name

Name your brand. But the right one. Remarkable. Catchy. Distinctive: Zwooptiker, Canissoires, AlpiCura…daHeim goes beyond the limits of creativity.


If the brand name represents the ship, the slogan is to be understood as the course. daHeim creates a service commitment for your brand with which you can readjust your positioning and the company can adapt its requirements, target groups and needs.


The cutting edge of corporate design. daHeim mingles symbol, word mark and slogan into a unique trademark. We look for focal points within the positioning and interpret these in a visually striking way, with brand recognition which upstages competition.

Logo revamp

Enhancing brand culture. daHeim weighs up the visual components of the existing brand design with tact and sensitivity. What must be retained due to company history? What can be changed without jeopardising brand recognition?

Business equipment

Creative usage of medium and material. daHeim draws on the relevant multi-sensory options for the design and implementation of your image. At the same time easy implementation in daily use and characteristic originality must go hand in hand.

Corporate Design

The visual tailor-made suit for you and your brand. daHeim takes measurements, selects the right material, cut and pattern and creates the perfect image for you.

Mood board

A visual type case. daHeim refits this to every market trend. With colours, fonts, shapes, images and design principles. In this way, an overall impression of the unfolding brand identity comes to life straight away.

Key Visual

Your central message in one image. daHeim creates ideas to portray your services and products and to improve your image. Clear targets. Clear creations. For he who catches the eye will be heard. But only he who keeps his promise will continue to exist. When the targets are clearly defined, creativity will be let loose.


The most suitable go-to strategy for your brand. daHeim develops letter combinations which attract attention but are still clear and comprehensible. Whether website texts, press releases, ads, brochures or slogans – we make your message remarkable.


A fixed image of your brand. daHeim evolves the story into a picture and creates pithy picture language and visual style which suits your products and your co-workers.


Your brand in motion. daHeim creates your message from storyboard to text, from dramatically fitting music to shooting and editing to cross media film format.

Screen design / UX/UI-Design

Design for the screen. Whether desktop, tablet or mobile device. daHeim transports your brand across all dimensions. Consistent and with a great deal of technical know- how. For all that, we’re here to help the user, never a technical trend.

CMS development

A website is only as good as its implementation. daHeim already thinks of 1 and 0 when designing the site and compiles its virtual appearance in an applicable and manageable content management system.


Gutes Design verkauft. daHeim behält in der weitläufigen Welt der Shopsysteme den Überblick. Wir wissen um den inhaltlichen Aufbau im Onlineshopping, die strengen Regeln für das Google-Ranking und haben immer ein Auge auf die markengerechte Inszenierung. Denn nur so stöbern Ihre Kunden gerne. Und kommen wieder.


A picture says more than a thousand words. Illustrations can be tools at daHeim and results, too. We use them to visualise ideas, specifically to focus on the essential or to create completely new visual worlds.



daHeim is more than a name. It’s a philosophy: you’re at home here. Trust and partnership are on an equal footing. We maintain this attitude towards our clients as well as to our partners and team members. It’s about values. We’re united by one thing in particular: passion for corporate design. The way there begins with listening. Where is the client from, where is he going? Give us information about your strengths as well as your weaknesses. We’ll find your individual approach and will turn it into a strong, unique image. With dedication, skill and perfection.


Brands are like people for us. We want to understand your personality and to share your values. Then we’ll be able to advise you wisely and work with you confidentially. We convert what we learn into strategy, positioning and design. The brand always commits, never the current trend. In this way, names, slogans and images arise, in short: corporate designs which make an impression. We give them an image – in analogue as well as digital media. In this way, we bring your brand into the present with the necessary sensitivity and realign it for the long term.


We make your strategy, your product, your story and the people behind them visible – with words, fonts, colours, shapes and images. We’re driven by ideas, courage and creativity. A fresh look at your company helps us to assess the details and to merge them into a distinctive design. As full-blooded designers we are excited by new fields. The result is full service for all senses and goes far beyond website design. At the best you’ll experience us as visual story tellers for your brand, too.


daHeim headed by Volker Heim develops your own brand with you. It assists you every step of the way: defining the brand, finding a name and with fundamental, strategic decisions. We bring your unique story to light during intensive talks and workshops and transform it into an exceptional design. Volker Heim acts as team leader and provides trustworthy partners who help you fulfil your individual requirements cross media.

  • Illustriertes Portrait von Volker Heim

    Volker Heim

    Managing Director

    For some I’m the customer care representative, for others the strategic-creative mind of daHeim. In all events, I’m your navigator on the way to your own brand: regarding content, design and organisation. One-stop shop, that’s my credo. I act in your best interests, spur things on within the team and give you and your brand long-term assistance. I’ve got fire in my belly. And it’s an added bonus for me that I’ve found people to share my passion.

  • Illustriertes Portrait von Isabella Heim

    Isabella Heim

    Creation & Text

    daHeim I’m the artist among the creative. I like to develop my ideas freely and cut loose from fixed structures. I appreciate the power of the right words and enjoy playing a background role as a creative source of inspiration and am a loyal co-thinker when dreaming up names and slogans. My work in the emergency services has taught me how important it is to savour the moment. That’s why, I’m devoting most of my time now, to our three boys who are the centre of our world.

  • Illustriertes Portrait von Harald Klein

    Harald Klein

    Creation & conception

    I’m an old hand daHeim. I’ve been dealing with brands and their authentic presentation in diverse media for over 25 years. As founder and managing director of the brand agency sons in Kempten I can fall back on a treasure trove of experience. Harmonising strategy and creativity with the individual strengths of the client, calls for a high degree of empathy. Last but not least, I’ve been able to broaden my emphatic skills further, by studying cross culture communications.

  • Illustriertes Portrait von Thomas Jung

    Thomas Jung

    UX/UI-Design & CMS Development

    As a passionate autodidact I’m the digital motor of daHeim. I advance the technological view in digital media day by day. Whether in the implementation of websites, digital brand presence or app development. I feel as good as a fish in water online. As an aesthete who’s obsessed with detail, I’m not satisfied until design and source code, harmonise perfectly and are a little bit ahead.

  • Illustriertes Portrait von Cosima Holl

    Cosima Holl

    Text & PR

    I take care of plain speaking. Language – whether read or heard – is one of the most powerful instruments inside an image. Information is not only conveyed about words and their tonality but also values and visions. I want to listen, understand and touch the clients of the clients. Clear. Simple. Remarkable.

  • Illustriertes Portrait von Manuel Wollwinder

    Manuel Wollwinder

    Screen design & e commerce

    I close the gap between analogue and digital. At home in both worlds, I always see corporate design as the big picture. Not until the cogwheels interlock perfectly is the brand identity an overall experience. This philosophy doesn’t only need many hands to knuckle down. Besides a trusting network it needs shared knowledge. Because we only learn from each other.

  • Illustriertes Portrait von Mirko Zöllner

    Mirko Zöllner

    Illustration & photography

    I design visual visions for daHeim. Whether it’s about the presentation of a company or the graphic sketches for a conceptual approach. An illustration conveys the power of an idea to me. Emotional and boundless. However, a clear objective is needed to make skill out of art. The playing field must be clearly pegged out so that creativity can reach its full potential. In the end, the picture will say more than 1,000 words. And the illustration, anyway.

  • Illustriertes Portrait von Daniel Rothenberger

    Daniel Rothenberger

    Photography & film

    I hold on to moments for daHeim. Whether as emotional moving images or brand specific key visual. Transforming a brand, its character and the people behind it into a picture, is a unique challenge. If creative design, clear strategy and passionate handcraft come into congruence in a shooting, visual story telling becomes reality.

  • Illustriertes Portrait von Anna Miglionico

    Anna Miglionico

    Design & Layout

    I’m like a Swiss penknife for daHeim. I’m versatile being equipped with the finest compositional technique, an eye for good artisanal design, perfect final draughting and quality-orientated production knowledge. I want to learn and contribute. And at the end of the day make the world a bit more beautiful.

  • Illustriertes Portrait von Esther Schneider

    Esther Schneider

    Text & conception

    daHeim I’m the champion of ideas. The idea, on which everything is built: the advertising campaign, the corporate claim, direct mailing or the company film. Strong ideas make communication interesting in the first place. It motivates me to utilise my competence whether in the business- to- business sector or in the consumer sector. As regards content, I particularly enjoy finding solutions for complex themes which are easy and comprehensible to convey.

  • Illustriertes Portrait von Orelia


    Movement therapist & stress blocker

    As a snow white beauty, I take care of the creative pause for thought daHeim. I go unusual ways with the whole family, on the lookout for good ideas, and I regularly call in on my Italian homeland.



A creative agency in the literal sense, a perfect match for us: imaginative, versatile, innovative. Whether creating a logo, slogan, business report or brochure daHeim Markendesign has actively supported us at all times. Thanks a lot!

Dr. Achim Bonte Director General Saxony State Library – State and University Library Dresden (SLUB)

Volker is always 100% involved in his work. He is an asset to every project, as he brings his intellect and gut instinct to the task at hand. Once the strategy has been agreed, Volker lets rip and spreads enthusiasm with his ideas and creative fireworks. At the same time, Volker is a tough team player who doesn't give in quietly and fights for the best results.

Jan Drechsler Head of Planning queo/communication

Volker Heim is much more than a mere service provider to us: he has given a face to numerous publications, products and events with his creative impetus and has become a true friend and partner. He is not only focused on visual appearance: with his out-of-the-box approach and his passion for detail he has often inspired and encouraged us to take unusual routes when it comes to corporate design. And if unforeseen obstacles crop up in the course of a project, Volker Heim always finds a quick, hassle-free solution. The fact that the entire process is always carried out with a good dose of humour and self-irony makes working with him even more rewarding.

Matthias Keller Head of Sport & Communication Allgäu-Kempten Section of the German Alpine Association

Working with Volker is always rewarding and a guarantee for success. Thanks to creative ideas, up-to-date communication and a relaxed state of mind (even the night before a deadline), it is always a pleasure to tackle projects of any size with Volker. No matter whether for the caterer round the corner or the medium-sized business — we always land on target with every project due to good tactics and approachable communication.

Thomas Jung Freelancer JUNG — Web / Design / Development

We work very closely with Volker Heim on mutual customer projects. There are several reasons why we have such a good, working relationship: on the one hand, it’s due to the professional expertise daheim.design brings to the table, on the other hand it’s because of Volker’s commitment and dependability. This is of utmost importance not only for customers, but also for successful teamwork. And then, of course, it’s all down to the basic philosophy and attitude that Volker exudes. What more can you say … You just feel daHeim ;-)

Christian und Dominik Baumann Managing Directors BINGO | Agency for Marketing & Content
daHeim Markendesign
Franz-Weiß-Straße 5, 87439 Kempten
T: +49 831 52778054
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